Lisa Waltuch Studios focuses on creating unique, personalized artwork to celebrate major life events.

These pieces are expressions of identity that use memories, experiences, artifacts and history as ingredients to tell a personal story through a visual medium. Lisa's clients are an integral part of the creative process and through collaboration, help to create a more meaningful final piece.  

The work is highly customized for each client and event and can take any form, from large-scale outdoor sculpture to an intimate hand-bound book, from a custom-designed piece of furniture to a hand-made quilt, from an interactive web-based design to a custom-made font. 

Lisa is the Creative Director for all projects and collaborates with artists and craftspeople to produce a unique piece for each commission. She holds a B.A. in Art History and Design from Stanford University and an M.F.A. from the Rhode Island School of Design. She previously served as Creative Director for The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s website.

“Her insight, empathy, and ability to communicate allow her to create works of art that truly represent a person's experiences. Her work becomes an extension of people – a tangible representation of someone's personality and life journeys.”—Steve Mendelsohn, Executive Director FilmAid International. Valentino Achak Deng wall hanging.

“I am motivated by having people as my subject matter and always discover interesting stories in their lives. I take great joy in working with a team of talented artists to find and create an artistic work that captures someone’s life journey or their moment.”—Lisa Waltuch